Felarya Fairies By Gamera1985 On Deviantart

felarya fairies by gamera1985 on deviantart sorry for the long time between update here is a collab with who created a whole universe called felarya you can find many different kind of people there naga centaurs and for sure fairies, yes being a fairy in felarya has many advantages collab with i tried a new techniques of coloring on this one i hope you like it lineart gamera1 carefree as a fairy, chapter 3 from hell at reversion village, they were pretty close to the fairy kingdom on its northern border a mere dozen miles away from the grey bridge that connected the north coastal region of felaryas main continent with the fairy kingdoms chikito lake area most probably one of the most perilous spots all over whole felarya nowhere else there was a higher probability to run into a fairy by accident it was a wise decision

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a grumpy fairy is just wrong in so many ways of cause she has a serious mode guarding her fellow fairies and the kingdom if not whole felarya however she needs an outlet for stress however she needs an outlet for stress, chapter 5 chikito fairy trail close to reversion village would you please explain to me why i had to come with you your highness of odd felarya my wife is a fairy v

the story itself works even for someone who does not know felarya eg that fairies are highly dangerous in contrast to their harmless reputation in many other stories the story makes you want to read more and the final kissing scene was very sweet, a happy family in felarya crisis has never known her real parents and was raised by a pack of fairies in case you were wondering the little guy in a cage is a fairy hunter who wasnt aware of certain characteristics of felaryan fairies and has been shrunken, felarya my wife is a fairy i chapter 1 opposite clash good afternoon rick how are you doing an elderly worn out looking man asked while knocking on the door of an old wooden barn, chapter 4 promontory point at reversion village you are awful taciturnly rick the fairy on the humans lap snaked her way felarya my wife is a fairy iv