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roger scruton beauty quotes art once made a cult of beauty now we have a cult of ugliness instead this has made art into an elaborate joke one which by now has ceased to be funny, 310 quotes from roger scruton a writer who says that there are no truths or that all truth is merely relative is asking you not to believe him so dont it is not enough to be nice you have to be good we are attracted by nice people but only on the assumption that their niceness is a sign of goodness and the consolation

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the ascent of the soul through love which plato describes in the phaedrus is symbolized in the figure of aphrodite urania and this was the venus painted by botticelli who was incidentally an ardent platonist and member of the platonist circle around pico della mirandola, the latest tweets from roger scruton quotes scrutonquotes quotations from the books articles and speeches of english philosopher and cold war hero sir rogerscruton occasional rsrelated retweetsbook extracts