St Nicholas Day

st nicholas day. saint nicholas day observed on december 56 in western christian countries and december 19 in eastern christian countries is the feast day of saint nicholas it is celebrated as a christian festival with particular regard to his reputation as a bringer of gifts as well as through the attendance of mass or other worship services, st nicholas of myra is a popular christian saint among children across europe because of his reputation as a bringer of gifts both the north american santa claus and the british father christmas are legendary figures whose attributes derive from the myths surrounding st nicholas st nicholas is, st nicholas day feast day december 6 of st nicholas the 4thcentury bishop of myra st nicholas is the patron saint of russia and greece of a number of cities and of sailors and children among many other groups and was noted for his generosity, saint nicholas of myra traditionally 15 march 270 6 december 343 also known as nicholas of bari was an early christian bishop of the ancient greek city of myra in asia minor modernday demre turkey during the time of the roman empire

Saint Nicholas Day 2011

december 6th is the feast day of saint nicholas the patron saint of children which appropriately falls during the advent season this feast day is an especially exciting one for children as they count down the days on their advent calendars in anticipation of christmas day st nicholas of myra, surprise presents are also given on st nicholas day a custom at the sinterklaas parties often within classes at schools is that everyones name is put into a hat and everyone picks another persons name then they have to make a surprise present for that person

st nicholas day is celebrated on december 6th and traditionally this is when children left shoes out and received small treats from this historical saint, why celebrate st nicholas day december 6 or december 19 on the julian calendar illustration from envelope barleduc france st nicholas center collection to learn about the true santa claus and father christmas st nicholas a man of faith who lived his life in devotion to christ to focus on giving more than receiving st nicholas cared for the needy to emphasize small , in the netherlands children cook hay for the horse of st nicholas in the united states one custom associated with st nicholas day is that children leave their shoes in the foyer in the hope that st nicholas will leave coins, in many places st nicholas is the main gift giver his feast day st nicholas day is december 6 which falls early in the advent season some places he arrives in the middle of november and moves about the countryside visiting schools and homes to find out if children have been good

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