Stock Quotes In Excel 2013

stock quotes in excel 2013 unfortunately the msn stock quote tool that i have been using for years in microsoft excel no longer works for fetching stock prices in excel 2013 there are some alternatives out there namely this option to enable the psq function however that solution doesnt seem to work in windows 8, in excel 20072010 data existing connection msn moneycentral investory stock quotes works was this removed for 2013 edit yeah it looks like it was removed and bing finance app is the replacement, microsoft office 2013 is rolling out now and is finally adding some functionality that will enable stock quotes to be dynamically updated in our excel worksheets

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ive been moving my financial spreadsheet from google sheets to excel 2013 and it took me a while to find a way to handle stock quotes finally, stock connector lets you link stocks and currencies to cells in the spreadsheet and refreshes them automatically this stocktracking app works in excel 2016 for windows excel 2016 for mac excel online browser excel for ipad and excel 2013 desktop whereas all other stocktracking applications for microsoft excel work only in the , i used excel 2016 for the example in this article but the addin was originally designed for excel 2013 and presumably works in that version as well note that while stock connector does not cost

this is the easy way to get stock quotes in excel using msn money you can even view and chart and news regarding each stock quote no need to create any macro or add any third party addin just , i recently posted this article that describes a solution using excel and google finance to get realtime information for listings on nonus exchanges update thanks for all the nice feedback im , to insert a stock price into excel you first convert text into the stocks data type then you can use another column to extract certain details relative to that data type like the stock price change in price and so on