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tony stark quotes iron man 3 anthony edward tony stark simply known as tony stark and also known as the famous superhero named iron man is a character that appears in the iron man trilogy films and in the avengers movie, this is an abridged version of tony starks history for a complete history see tony starks expanded history birth and adoption the biological parents of tony stark were two shield agents amanda armstrong and jude who met during a courier mission, trivia for the first three iron man movies director jon favreau thought of making the iron monger the main villain of the second film stane was going to be starks friend and confidante in the first film but then would become his enemy in the second installment, tony starkiron man theres a shawarma joint about two blocks from here i dont know what it is but i wanna try it

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iron man armored adventures blended together the original comic continuity the ultimate continuity and even the movie continuity and managed to distill various aspects from all the previous iron man adaptions while still injecting plenty of its own creativity into this fresh and new continuity, obadiah stane was the business partner of tony stark and a good friend of his father howard stark after howard starks death stane became interim ceo of stark industries until tony stark took over officially shortly after

robert downey jr actor iron man robert downey jr has evolved into one of the most respected actors in hollywood with an amazing list of credits to his name he has managed to stay new and fresh even after over four decades in the business downey was born april 4 1965 in manhattan new york the son of writer director and filmographer , just a rather very intelligent system jarvis was originally tony starks naturallanguage user interface computer system named after edwin jarvis the butler who worked for howard stark, marvels iron man 3 pits brashbutbrilliant industrialist tony starkiron man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds when stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemys hands , in 3 whenever an extremis member starts glowing somebody reacts violently omnidisciplinary scientist tony stark seems to be an expert at highenergy physics materials science and aerospace engineering all at the same time